Reflections from our last days in Mexico by Grace and Josh, Putney School students

“This is my last week of my trimester abroad in Cuernavaca, Mexico. With the program coming to a close, there is a lot on my mind.


I’ve been thinking about how much I am going to miss speaking Spanish everyday, progressing so quickly with

the language, and of course, soaking up the climate here. But I’m also excited to move into my cabin when I return

to Putney. How glorious my reunion with pottery will be, and how nice to sleep in my bed again. To put this plainly– I

am going to miss Cuernavaca a lot. Thanks to this program abroad, I have an extreme desire to travel, a newfound

conversational fluidity in Spanish, and an overwhelming appreciation for how much is possible at Putney. These things

are all worth never being able to look at American ‘tacos’ the same, ever again.”  -Josh

“I have yet to process the fact that we are leaving Cuernavaca. I have truly fallen in love with Mexico, and while


I’m excited to return home, I can’t help but feel that part of me will remain here. It’s hard to imagine not seeing

my wonderful host family every day, and being so soon surrounded by English.

I feel that I have experienced growth on many levels during these past months. Although I need to continue

practicing my Spanish, looking back, I have improved greatly. I have seen the beauty of this country in so

many ways—through ordinary moments of observation in daily life, through conversation, and food, the beautiful

ritual of Día de Muertos, and through the deep friendships I’ve made here. I am left not only with a need to return,

but a thirst to understand and fall in love with many more places and cultures. It’s hard to say goodbye, but I ameased by the knowledge that it is only until next time.” -Grace