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  • I´ve been living here in Cuernavaca since Septmeber of 2016, so about six months. I´ve never felt unsafe being here or anything like that. There are usually police officers that you can see roaming around the city and in popular turisty areas. I´ve even talked to a few when I need helped with directions and they´ve always been helpful.

  • This is my fourth time in Cuernavaca and my first stay at Universidad Internacional.
    I feel very confortable at Uninter and the way how the teachers motivate us is amazing. The lessons are interactive, funny and productive.
    I would definitely recomend to come here in order to study Spanish.

  • i was an exchange student in UNINTER and it was the best experience in my life
    First, they teach spanish very well, when i came here for the first time i couldn’t speak spanish at all but i studied spanish for 8 months in UNINTER and now i can speak spanish a lot better.
    Second, climate is amazing and it is a safe place. Lots of people think that mexico is a too hot place to live or too dangerous place to live but Cuernavaca no! Cuernavaca has excellent climate every day and i never felt any kind of danger in here
    For last, people in here is really kind and open minded. it is really easy to make mexican friends. they are helpful and nice
    it is really awesome to be in UNINTER.
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