“Pensadores de Pagosa” en la Universidad Internacional

Pagosans in Mexico. By Jean Broderick.

A group of 8 friends, linked by their desire to learn Spanish, recently returned from 2 weeks of concentrated study and enjoyable side excursions in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The group was led by Jean Broderick, who has been teaching Spanish to friends and neighbors for the past couple of years. The intensive Spanish immersion program is offered by Universidad Internacional (UNINTER), in Cuernavaca, a city of more than 330,000 people located about 50 miles south of Mexico City. At this point, Broderick’s class consists of friends living in Alpine Lakes Ranch and Loma Linda. Motivating factors for her students to learn Spanish are varied, ranging from a desire to keep the brain active to communicating with a family member to traveling more easily in Spanish speaking countries. She is considering starting a beginning class in Pagosa Springs if there is enough interest.

The group that travelled to Mexico, consisted mostly of retirees. The Mexican people proved to be helpful, friendly and polite, and the group enjoyed interacting with them in the markets and restaurants as well as at the school. Even so, normal security precautions were taken that one should take in any populated area in any part of the world.

UNINTER caters to students from many different countries and to all levels, from beginning to advanced. It states on its website (www.uninter.edu.mx) that there are no more than 5 students per class, so instruction is more individualized than many programs found elsewhere. Students are placed in Mexican homes where they receive three meals per day with the family, and have the unique opportunity to personally learn more about the culture of our neighbors across our southern border.

According to Broderick, the quality of the program, the abilities and interests of the professors and the extracurricular excursions are all of high quality. For more information concerning the program or classes, you may contact Jean by e-mail at: go4it81147@gmail.com

 Pensadores Profundos de Pagosa (Deep Thinkers of Pagosa)

Front row, from left: Jean Broderick, Cheryl Prestianni, Nancy Grovhoug, Sylvia Goossens-Thompson, Jean Smith, Rocio Cajigal (teacher), Debbie Robeson, Sarah Mitchell, Rita Jensen, Francisco Cisneros (Spanish Office Coordinator). Back row center:President of UNINTER Javier Espinosa, flanked by teachers.