Last summer I enrolled my kids in Spanish classes, hey loved the experience…

Last summer I went to Mexico to the Universidad Internacional to do some training in Spanish for health professions. I enrolled my kids in Spanish classes and a summer camp where they spent three weeks learning Spanish and hanging out with Mexican children. It was not easy for them at first but in the end they loved the experience. It was fun to be students together and to explore sites and culture as a family. I saw these places I had visited many times and seeing it through their eyes opened up a whole new perspective for me. As a mom I was so proud of their ability to integrate and enjoy the experience. My daughter even said she’d like to go back with one of her friends and my son wants to move on to Costa Rica and China! Gotta save up, but once we do….! Love their sense of adventure and am so proud to be their mom!

Debbie DiStefano

Cape Girardeau, MO