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The new nacionalism? Illegal mexicans or new americans?  Read about a twentieth-century person who is trying to make sense of the twenty first century with its transnational and postnational realities that many people live today in countries such as Mexico. Everyday, especially today in the Era of Trump, we experience a bewildering, constantly changing hybrid world, always intending to adapt

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Carta de un estudiante de español al Presidente de la Universidad Internacional

March 4, 2015 Ing. Javier Espinosa Romero President Universidad Internacional Apdo. Post. 1520 C.P. 62000 Cuernavaca, Morelos MEXICO Dear President Espinosa:   On Friday, February 27, 2015, the two of us spoke briefly at an afternoon reception for 10 students from the United States (led by profesora Judy Elliott) who had just finished a two-week Spanish immersion program. The remarks I made are

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ROLANDO GUILLERMOPRIETO, 1938-2013 He was born in Mexico City in 1938 but lived in Miami, Florida, London,England, and Nassau Bahamas, among other places.  He studied at St. Bernardine’s College, in Buckingham, 52 miles from London, a boarding school run  by the Franciscans. At age 17 he lived with his brother in Laredo, Texas and began painting. Returning to Mexico City in 1957, he met numerous important artists and

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“Obviously we love Cuernavaca: JoEllen Greggie”

“Hello! This is JoEllen Pisone Gregie from Lyons Township High School in LaGrange, Illinois. I’m the director for our Uninter study program. We attend Uninter every other year, in the odd years. We’ve been sending students to Uninter since 1987, I was one of 9 students on that inaugural trip! Obviously we love Cuernavaca, the school, everyone at Uninter, and I have

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Saratoga High School y el aprendizaje significativo

El ser humano tiene la disposición de aprender sólo aquello a lo que le encuentra sentido o lógica. De acuerdo al pedagogo David Ausubel, en el aprendizaje significativo el estudiante relaciona  la nueva información que obtiene con la que ya posee. El sentido lo da la relación del nuevo conocimiento con conocimientos anteriores, situaciones cotidianas, situaciones reales y desde luego, la

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