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See you later, VCU! Spanish School Uninter wishes you a good trip.

This Friday, July 21st, we said goodbye with an effusive «See you!» to the students of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and its director Dr. Eugenia Muñoz during an emotional ceremony held to close their course and deliver their diplomas. On their sixteenth visit, this group stayed for 4 weeks at Spanish School Uninter, where they learned about Latin American culture

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Spanish Students don’t say “Goodbye”, but “See You Soon!” to Cuernavaca

Last Friday, July 14th of the current year, Spanish School Uninter bid farewell to six of their students, of which the majority were from the United States, some from the states of Nebraska, Texas, Washington, Georgia, and also from Canada. Most were studying the intensive spanish program and one of them, Dominique Evans, the Spanish kid’s program; they told us

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«México, lindo y querido. Nunca había pensado que me hubieras gustado tanto…»

Después de un semestre en la Universidad Internacional, un estudiante se despide: «Ya.. Es tiempo de dejarte México, lindo y querido. Nunca había pensado que me hubieras gustado tanto: tu comida deliciosa, tu gente amable, acogedora y cálida, tus playas preciosas, tu calor de la chingada, tus paisajes que te dejan boca abierta, etc etc. México te extrañaré como loco,

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