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Uno de los utensilios ancestrales de México: “El molcajete», parte única de la gastronomía mexicana.

Por miles de años, específicamente desde la época prehispánica hasta nuestros días, en algunas regiones de México, el molcajete es utilizado en su mayoría de tiempo para la elaboración de salsa típicas. La palabra molcajete deriva de los vocablos en náhuatl molli que significa guisado o salsa, y caxitl que significa cajete o escudilla. El molcajete tradicional está hecho principalmente

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«Los toritos» the light show that you can’t miss.

Fireworks as we well know are originally from ancient China, but they are also used in many Mexican celebrations such as Independence Day, Christmas, New Year or patron celebrations of each city or town. Within the multiple celebrations and uses of fireworks we have the Toritos, which is one of the most spectacular and fun traditions of Mexico, the tradition

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Tour of the city and a classic lottery game, this was the welcome to foreign students.

The municipal government of the famous city of eternal spring, along with Spanish schools including The Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies (Spanish School Uninter), welcomed our foreign students with activities to learn more about Cuernavaca as well as Mexican culture. For the start of this welcome, students gathered at Cuernavacas down town to start a special tour in the

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