Learning Spanish as a Family at Spanish School Uninter

Lowell J. Behrens returns, once again, to the  Spanish School Uninter to continue learning and practicing the Spanish language in the Intensive Program, but on this ocassion, accompanied by his granddaughter Dominique Evans who joins the Kid’s Program.

Along with learning and practicing the Spanish language, Lowell and Dominique, originally from Douglas County in the state of Nebraska, have also had the opportunity to venture into the Mexican culture and have enjoyed their time spent in Cuernavaca, visiting places such as the Castillo de Chapultepec in Mexico City and the Magic City of Tepoztlán in the state of Morelos, and sharing beautiful family moments.


Aprendiendo español en familia con Spanish School Uninter

Lowell J. Behrens regresa por quinta vez a Spanish School en Uninter para seguir aprendiendo y practicando español en el programa intensivo, esta ocasión acompañado de su nieta Dominique Evans, quien se integra en el Kid’s program.

Además de practicar y aprender español, Lowell y Dominique, de Omaha del condado de Douglas en el Estado de Nebraska, se han adentrado en la cultura mexicana y disfrutado su tiempo en Cuernavaca, visitando lugares como el castillo de Chapultepec en CDMX y el pueblo mágico de Tepoztlán en Morelos, compartiendo así bellos momentos familiares.