POSTER PALACIO DE CORTESGOOD NEWS ARE ALSO NEWS: US EMBASSY TRAVEL WARNING CHANGES CUERNAVACA’S STATUS We are pleased to inform our friends the entire world over that the American Embassy has removed the city of Cuernavaca from its travel warning alert issued on January 19, 2016, regarding Mexico.

We want to stress the fact that in over 35 years UNINTER’s Foreign students have not suffered any type of crimes caused by organized crime organizations and that although older travel warnings issued by the Embassy used to cover this city, due to special security implemented by this University, together with common sense and practical advice, have allowed us to keep on receiving students from the Americas, Asia and Europe, certainly not in the same numbers, but they have enjoyed the hospitality of our people and the extraordinary climate of the “City of Eternal Spring” in peace that allowed them to learn Spanish or be exchange students with us.

We would certainly be glad to continue the beautiful relations that our institutions have enjoyed for so many years.