Spanish student: Alison Colbert


“I had my first opportunity to study Spanish at Uninter in 2007 when I arrived with a group from Saint Francis University and studied for 6 weeks. During that time, I built a strong foundation in the Spanish language, as well as visited local and regional attractions and historic sites. It was an experience I’ll never forget, and the start of relationships that have endured for over 10 years. During that time, I connected with a local orphanage, Al Abrigo de Dios, and ended up spending a few days there each week.

In the years following, I stayed in contact with the orphanage and continued to visit a few times each year.

Sometimes, I visit Cuernavaca and the children of the orphanage by myself or with my husband. Other times we bring groups from the United States and Canada to learn about the culture of Mexico and help at the orphanage. Ultimately, I took over the sponsorship program for the children and joined the board of a non-profit providing their only financial support.

This year (2018), 11 years after my initial visit, I had the chance to return to Uninter to study Spanish again. Given my relationship with the children at the orphanage, the need to use Spanish in my job as a Pediatric Neuropsychologist in Colorado, and my desire to be independent when traveling in Latin American countries, returning to Uninter was an easy choice, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The teachers at Uninter are passionate about both the Spanish language and Mexican culture, and they have a way of teaching that is unmatched in other classes I have taken in the United States (and I have taken many!). Classes are small and tailored to the needs of each student, so they are perfect for beginners or advanced students.

Cuernavaca also continues to be a beautiful, welcoming city. Given sensational media, I recognize that some may feel nervous about studying in Mexico. However, as a woman traveling alone, I have never felt threatened or unwelcome. Rather, I have felt safe and been welcomed with open arms at the school, in the community, homes, and anywhere I travel within the city and surrounding areas.

Immersion is truly the best way to learn a language, and Cuernavaca is a perfect place to do it. I hope to have more opportunities to study at Uninter in the future, and I will certainly return to Cuernavaca to visit the friends who have become my Mexican family, as well as continue learning about the beautiful city and people who live there.”