“Universidad Internacional has an exceptional program, I have now accumulated 8 trips to UNINTER”

Back in 2004, I first attended UNINTER as a student with a group from my community college in MD. The dire
ctor of the foreign language program there said that after checking into the programs in various Spanish speaking countries, she decided that UNINTER had the best program for the money. I believe many factors influenced her decision: quality of instruction, hours in class, flexibility, etc. I loved the experience and returned for 4 more years with that group. After a 5 year hiatus, I returned with my own students, and have now accumulated 8 trips to UNINTER, In my opinion, Universidad Internacional has an exceptional program. I, too, have investigated Spanish language schools in other places but found that, although they sound quite similar, other places may only offer classes 4 days/week, fewer hours/day, and may lack the levels and flexibility that UNINTER offers. The executive program offers private classes tailored to your specific needs. One can direct the pace and  content according to what one wishes to achieve.
I have always participated in the intensive program and found that, too, to be extremely well organized, with a strong grammar base and plenty of opportunity for conversation. The teachers are well trained and effective and everyone is refreshingly friendly and helpful. If you’re not satisfied with your level or the pace, talk to them. They are there to guide you and will accommodate your wishes.
The host families are wonderful people; many retired, and used to taking in students. They are taught to wash and prepare food so that our delicate, pampered digestive systems won’t protest. As in many countries, I don’t use tap water for anything other than showering and have not had problems.
The school offers some nice excursions and it’s worth a lot to me to not have to worry about finding transportation or navigate horrendous traffic or find what’s needed to gain entrance to a place. For relatively close trips (Tepotzlán), you can jump on a public bus for next to nothing.

As you can tell, I’m quite enthusiastic about all this! I hope to return for many years to come!

Jean Broderick (go4it81147@gmail.com)