Las chicas de Putney aprovechan y disfrutan de la inmersión.

Las chicas de Putney aprovechan y disfrutan de la inmersión.

Our girls are representing for the first time the great state of Vermont and the New England area. Their booth will be sharing with people what makes Vermont unique, compared to other places in the U.S. and why many people should know more about the Green Mountain State and the New England region. It was a great instant, yesterday, when the girls instructed their Mexican classmates on how to make and bake some authentic, delicious and tasty Apple pie. That was a moment to remember. When we were planning this program back then, I personally pictured moments like these. The Spanish learned in class has some special meaning now. The smiles and laughters were loud and contagious. That was the immersion program, the horizons being expanded, remembered, cherished.