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See you later VCU! Spanish School Uninter wishes you a good trip.

This Friday, July 21st, we said goodbye with an effusive ¡See you! to the students of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and its director Dr. Eugenia Muñoz during an emotional ceremony held to close their course and deliver their diplomas. In his sixteenth visit this group stayed for 4 weeks at Spanish School Uninter, where they learned about Latin American culture and

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SUNY Brockport University Student,with the Rector of UNINTER, Tells Us About His Experience In Cuernavaca

Jakob Rehmann, now with two weeks in Spanish School Uninter, visits us from New York City through the program to study Spanish abroad of SUNY Brockport. The student of City College of New York tells us that his experiences inside the classroom, as well as the interractions with his teachers, have been great thus far. He likes the Intensive Program

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Columbus State University students extend their stay at the Uninter’s Spanish School of Cuernavaca

Marissa Williams and Jacquelyn Delauder of the Columbus State University decided to remain at the Spanish School for two more weeks. The program is originally for four weeks, with the purpose of granting university credits for the students through outstanding courses such as: Chicano Literature , Golden Era of Spanish Theater and Film, Contemporary Mexico, and Spanish Phonetics. Nevertheless, Marissa

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