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Aprender es divertido: Putney School visita el Jardín etnobotánico de Cuernavaca

Aprendizaje significativo: Acompañados de sus Profesoras de español, los chicos de Putney School visitaron el Jardín etnobotánico y museo del INAH en Cuernavaca además de conocer la colección de plantas y sus usos, tuvieron un taller de elaboración de pomadas medicinales; ¡otra buena forma divertida de aprender español!.  

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Today, we celebrate at Spanish School Uninter the Mexican Independence

Today September 15, we celebrate in Uninter the day of the beginning of the Mexican independence, and this time our students from Spanish School Uninter attended to this event which helps them to know more about the traditions of Mexico, their music, and their typical dances In Mexico, we are accustomed to celebrates on September 15 the day of the

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Come to Morelos and taste all the delicious typical dishes from different villages! (Part 2)

Tetelcingo village: It’s located at the North of Cuautla, is a town with origin Olmeca, where some people preserve the Nahuatl language; in Tetelcingo the typical dish is: Mojarras, prepared with wallpaper or fried.    Mazatepec village: In the Prehispanic period, Mazatepec was an important part of the religious and political center of Xochicalco, it counts with a great variety of typical dishes,

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Discover the traditions of Morelos: “La Feria de Tlaltenango”

Tlaltenango is an avenue in Cuernavaca City, whose name comes from the Nahuatl Language Tlalli: Earth, Tenamitl: Wall and Co: In; which it means: “On the wall of the earth”. Was since 1523, when Hernán Cortés began to build the Church of “The Lord St. Jose and the Lord of Mercy”; the only surviving vestige of the Vice-Royal epoch that

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Come to Morelos and taste all the delicious typical dishes from different villages!

Morelos is a state rich in agriculture, its climate and the natural conditions benefit the development of the crop of the nopal, sorghum, corn and sugar cane. On the livestock production stands the bird meat, mojarra, bass, trout, and catfish. The Morelense gastronomy offers a lot of delicious culinary dishes that you can be found in the traditional markets or in

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Welcome Stephen and Cynthia to Spanish School Uninter!!!

Last Saturday, July 22nd, Spanish School Uninter had the privilege of receiving Stephen James and Cynthia Leon, students from the state of California who have come to study Spanish and the Mexican culture for two weeks. Stephen is a psychologist and professor in the United States and also an ex-student of Spanish School Uninter. Nine years ago, Stephen was with

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